Past Northenden 2 team League players

The following 39 MCF players for Northenden have played in the current or past seasons and are eligible for selection for the Northenden 2 team in the :

PlayerClubGradingsGames during season
Stanley CavanaghNorthendens?r?
Mike CoxNorthendens?r?
Anish DasNorthendens?r?
Paul GarnerNorthendens?r?
Peter NingrNorthendens?r?
Nick ProbertNorthendens?r?
Mark RichardsonNorthendens?r?
Benjamin RowlandNorthendens?r?
Peter RussellNorthendens?r?
Simon StuckeyNorthendens?r?
Paul SumnerNorthendens?r?
Herbert ThomasNorthendens?r?